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Programme Overview

Impact innovation is the application of innovation principles across all aspects of our work, consciously engaging with the social, environmental, and economic implications of what we do and how to navigate these areas.

The Igniting Innovation for Impact programme draws together different strands of impact innovation and brings a leadership lens which supports participants to create long-lasting and genuine impact through their roles and organisations. 

To truly understand the impact we can have on the world around us we need to have a broad perspective – we can only do this through engaging with others from different contexts, and who have different perspectives and experiences. This programme draws together a global community and a unique partnership from East and West which helps us understand global shifts, the possibilities of the future, and the foundations of today.

This joint programme by Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (CKGSB) and the Møller Institute of Churchill College in the University of Cambridge is part of a broader programme, Impact Leadership in the Era of Global Disruptions, which aims to build a leadership ecosystem to support the development of leaders who embrace their role in a global environment. Participants will develop insights, foresights and wisdom that allow them to stay ahead of the curve and navigate the frontiers of transformation in a turbulent world. 

The Møller Institute is part of a centuries-old seat of learning that has originated much of the disruptive knowledge which has shaped our world, while CKGSB is at the heart of the next wave of disruption, home to over 35 “Unicorns” which impact on the global economy. This programme is a unique opportunity to blend perspectives, knowledge and insights from East and West, building a platform for participants to build resilient, future-oriented and innovative businesses. Drawing together the best of UK and China, experiencing this programme is essential for any leader whose goal is setting the path for future success.

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Two world-class institutions, recognised in both East and West that provides:

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Programme Insights

Faculty Insights


Professor of China Business and Globalisation,

Founding Dean of CKGSB;

PhD, University of Alberta;

Previous taught: HKUST, Peking University.


Areas of Expertise: Business in China, Constructive Innovations, Global Implications of China’s Economic Transformation, Innovation and Globalization by Chinese Companies, Innovation in Management Education, Reform of SOEs, Relationship Between State and Business, Role of Private Sector in China

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ZHU Rui (Juliet)

Professor of Marketing,

Academic Director for EMBA Program, Director of the Social Innovation

and Business for Good Centre, CKGSB;

PhD, University of Minnesota Minneapolis.


Areas of Expertise: Branding, Consumer Behavior, Consumer Information Processing and Psychology, Corporate Social Responsibility, Design and Structural Effects of Physical Environment, Innovative Business Models, Modern Philanthropy, Tencent

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Programme Co-Director, 

Chief Representative for Europe, 

Assistant Dean of Global Executive Education, 



Areas of Expertise: Bo has an over-20-year successful corporate career in Global Business Development, Innovation, Strategy, Supply Chain Management, M&A, etc. He served as the head quarters of many fortune 500 companies such as Monsanto, Cargill, Pfizer, Wrigley and Mars. After a long corporate life, Bo became a serial entrepreneur and investor.

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Dr John C Taylor Professor of Innovation;

Head of the Institute for Manufacturing;

Fellow of Churchill College,

University of Cambridge.


Areas of Expertise: Tim Minshall is the head of the Institute for Manufacturing (IfM) at Cambridge University Engineering Department and head of IfM’s Centre for Technology Management. He is the inaugural Dr John C. Taylor Professor of Innovation, a member of the boards of St John’s Innovation Centre Ltd and IfM-ECS Ltd, a Visiting Research Fellow at the Institute of Technology, Enterprise and Competitiveness (ITEC) at Doshisha University, and a member of the IET’s Innovation and Emerging Technologies Policy Panel.

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Partner at ERM,

Global Director Climate Change & Low Carbon Economy Transition;

Fellow, University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership.


Areas of Expertise: James is an environment and sustainability professional with 23 years’ experience in commercially focused roles in private equity, banking and consulting. His experience covers a breadth of sectors and geographies.

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Richard HILL

Programme Co-Director, 

Client Director of the Møller Institute,

Churchill College,

University of Cambridge.


Areas of Expertise: Richard Hill is an experienced facilitator and Programme Director whose ambition is to support teams, organisations and individuals to realise their potential through developing leadership, purpose and culture. Working to bridge the gap between academic insight and day-to-day working realities, he brings both thought leadership and on the ground experience to enable the success of others.

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Advisory Board

Guest Speakers

“Impact and profit must marry each other. It’s not a moral decision but a business decision. Being good doesn’t mean less profit, it means more. The concept is by helping others including your rivals; you can end up being much more successful and effective as a team.”

Tom KEYA CEO, Berkeley Rowe. UK

“The course brought me the chance to reflect on how innovation can be directed for the common good.”

Paulo DALLA NORA MACEDO Head JV Partnership, FIR Capital Partners Entrepreneur, Investor & Advisor. BRAZIL

“The biggest take away from the programme for me is that I have started to implement UN Goals/initiatives & the Impact Innovation framework I learnt from the programme to some of my businesses.”

Thierry TEA Chairman & CEO, Starline Global Industries; YPO Member. CAMBODIA.

“Before considering joining this online programme, I was a little worried about the learning experience of interacting with professors and my fellow group members. I would encourage people to consider learning online because it has proven to me to be effective in learning and interacting with people from around the world - there is no borders online.”

Catherine XU Chief Rep of International Businesses, B-soft Company; CKGSB FMBA Alumna. CHINA

“It was a privilege to be a part of this unique programme. It is a great initiative highly recommended to all leaders willing to learn how to have positive impact, make a difference and contribute to a better world while realising their business objectives. It is a great opportunity to learn that combining profit and impact is not only possible but also inevitable as we have to save our planet now for future generations.”

Marek STAWINSKI CEO, Naviparking; Serial Entrepreneur. POLAND.

“Thanks to this programme, I am ready to reset our company’s tagline. We will try to create more impact by setting a clearer company purpose. Going forward I think if we keep ‘Impact’ in mind, we will make more differences. Making difference is the job of entrepreneurs!”

Chelsea CHEN Founder & CEO, Gloture; EO Member. JAPAN

“It has been an eye opening experience to hear global Business leaders, top academies, practitioners’ insights from both east and west on impact innovation. The weekly group exercise session bought us back to reality with practical framework introduced on impact innovation, grateful to my peers’ contribution to the project (our business).”

Xiaobin ZHAO Co-Founder & CEO, Cambond Ltd. UK

“The programme has strengthened my aspiration to be a sustainable leader. Since 2009, we have invested in biodegradable plastic materials and applied tech innovation in our fashion business to solve the problem of “white pollution”. We will further incorporate the UN 17 SDG goals in our business targets to contribute to a more sustainable future.”

Shuying LIN Founder & Director, Luxsmart Group Ltd. CHINA

“The CKGSB-Cambridge Igniting Innovation for Impact course taught me to be intentional and specific in creating quantified impact in our business. We had renowned speakers from corporations such as Ant Financial and Haidilao to talk about the tangible impact they’re making on the environment and their employees. Impact and profit can be mutually reinforcing, and this course has prepared me to integrate impact investing as a core part of our private equity strategy.”

Chi Fan Johnson CHENG Partner, Voyager Capital; EO Member. CHINA HKSAR

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    How to Ignite Innovation to have Social Impact in Building Materials

    Impact Leadership: Profit or Impact? Is it a choice?

    Have we spent the last decade doing innovation wrong?


    Participants who successfully complete this course will receive a Certificate endorsed by the University of Cambridge’s Board of Executive and Professional Education (BEPE) and Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (CKGSB), and become a member of our Global Impact Leadership Community.

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